Music Video for “Chain Length Diet” Now Available!

Hey everyone! Happy New Years! Its been a LONG time since we updated this damn thing. The end of the year is always a quiet time for the band, as we always try to get caught up on real-life, and to map out what our plans are for the new year. Now that the new year is getting started, we’ve got the wheels rolling on a bunch of new stuff.

This year we’re going to be rolling out a whole slew of new merch, new music, new tour dates, and who knows, maybe even some new jokes. We took time on our last west coast tour to stop by NRG Studios (The Offspring, Pennywise, AFI, Motorhead, Death By Stereo, Boy Sets Fire, No Doubt) in North Hollywood, CA to lay down some tracks with the very talented Scott Hallquist of 10 Foot Pole with assistance from Patrick Kehrier. We’re really excited with how everything turned out and we can’t wait to put these new songs out.

BUT FIRST! To get things started off right, we decided to put together a little crowd sourced music video for Chain Length Diet,” featuring some of the best skaters in the world. We had submissions from as far away as Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is pretty cool. We were so stoked about how this video turned out we forgot to make it public for almost a year! Ignoring our failures as human beings, now seemed like a great time to push something out for everyone to enjoy. Don’t worry! You don’t even have to see our ugly mugs. We’re really just hoping to ride on the coattails of real talent. So sit back and enjoy this little nugget of badassery. Big thanks to all the skaters featured in this video.

In other news, we just started booking a Southeast tour for this April. We’ll be hitting some of our favorite cities to see some of our favorite people, so if you’re in the path of our shit storm, be sure to come say hello. We’ve got some really awesome things planned for 2018, some of which I cannot announce yet, but your heads are going to explode when we get everything squared away. Until then…

See you in the pit!


April 11 – Tulsa, OK
April 12 – OKC, OK
April 13 – Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
April 14 – San Antonio, TX
April 15 – Houston, TX
April 16 – New Orleans, LA
April 17 – Pascagoula, MS
April 18 – Pensacola/Ft. Walton Beach, FL
April 19 – Jacksonville, FL
April 20 – Atlanta, GA
April 21 – Knoxville, TN
April 22 – Lexington, KY
April 23 – Cincinnati, OH
April 24 – Louisville, KY
April 25 – Nashville, TN
April 26 – Huntsville, AL
April 27 – Memphis, TN
April 28 – St. Louis, MO