Life From the Bottom Days 9/10

Well guys, the band arrived in the big city the other day, its been nonstop action. I fear I’ll never get caught up now, so here is an abridged version of our time in Canton, and Detroit.

Rain on the windshieldIt rained pretty much the entire way to Canton, Ohio. It was a little chilly, and the rain didn’t stop until well after the show started. We played a place called Buzzbin which is an arcade/bar, full of pinball machines and arcade games. This is the second or third time the band has played here. They’ve done some serious remodeling, and have expanded the venue area, including the stage, and now have a separate room for all the arcade games. I scored a few free games of pinball when we first arrived, though I’m terrible and quickly blew my many shots at pinball glory. On the bill we had Canton locals Murphy Children, and The Most Beautiful Losers, or rather, their super secret side-project, Gary and the Boners. Buzzbin is a RAD place, Kirby, our bartender was awesome, and kept us well watered. We had a blast meeting the bands, and playing with everyone. Karl broke a door. Canton is probably best known as a forgotten manufacturing town, and the home of Marilyn Manson, it seems like the city is making a big effort to try and rebrand itself a bit. At least down main street, there was a lot of interesting public art and sculpture. We ordered a pizza from a local place, but didn’t really find time to sniff anything cool out because it was raining. After the show Tyler started feeling shitty. Same symptoms as I had — serves him right! We’ll see how this develops though. I hope it doesn’t end up putting the whole band down for a week.

We headed towards Detroit following the show, stopping a few hours to rest for the night. Truck stops are kind of my new favorite thing. Everything you need is at your fingertips when you get up. The catch is tollways always tend to be more expensive for EVERYTHING, I guess because they have a captive audience, but a $4 double cheeseburger from McDonalds (which is barely food) is a little hard to swallow, figuratively and literally. The drive from Cleveland to Detroit is one big tollway, though compared to New York, its a damn bargain!

Southgate Coneys photoWe woke up the next morning, did what we needed to do at the truck stop, and hit the road again. We were on the schedule to play a place called The Rockery, and rumor has it Detroit is known for coneys, so I guess that’s on the agenda too. We rolled into town around 2pm, and were supposed to meet up with the Koffin Kats guys at their shop, but due to our timing, we just missed them, so we headed down to the club to do some work, and find somewhere to eat instead. There was a local dive just down the road called Southgate Coney. The shop was run by a nice greek couple, and I’m pretty sure we were the first people there for the day. The menus and wall art were all sun faded, and the restaurant looked like a time capsule from the 90’s. The dogs were char grilled, blasted with Chili and cheese, then topped with mustard and onions. After brief lost in translation moment when we tried to settle up, we headed back to the venue. I’m not sure how much I can say about hot dogs. I mean, we’re not exactly eating gourmet cuisine here! The food was good, and the price was nice. I also appreciated the out of date decor, as it reminded me of my childhood.

At the venue we met the first band as they loaded in, got our merch table set up, played a few rounds of pool, and bided our time until the show started. For a Monday night, I think everyone’s expectations were low, but the show ended up being a lot of fun! Big shout out to Justin at The Rockery for making it all happen. Monday’s suck, and we all know how tough it can be.

After Detroit we headed back down the tollway towards Cleveland. We’ve got a full day of activities planned so until tomorrow!