Life From the Bottom – Pre-Tour

One of the joys (and burdens) of being a totally DIY, self-funded band is the amount of time and work that goes into it. Trying to play shows and travel to the extent we can requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work that I’m not sure most people are aware of.

In addition to writing music and booking all of our own shows, we also design and print every piece of merchandise on our table. We do all our own accounting and inventory, promote our own events, maintain our social media accounts (which is a giant time suck, if we’re being honest here) as well as the minutiae of details that go along with each piece of the process. We’re forced to wear a variety of funny hats — like the fucking pope or something. It all begs the question — what the fuck is wrong with us? I’m not sure psychology can fully answer that, and the assholes that wrote the DSM5 are a lot smarter than me, so who knows?

Just remember, winners don’t do drugs.